Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design is Crucial

  • Did you know that Google now penalises your website in its mobile search results if your site is not mobile friendly?
  • Did you know you are losing clients because your website looks terrible on mobile phones and tablets?
  • If your website isn't responsive then YES, you are losing clients and being penalised by Google.
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Test Your Website

Find out instantly if your website is Mobile Responsive with this Free Tool (then click off the page and come back here!)

You may have a functioning website but if it was produced in the last 4 - 8 years, it was probably designed with desktop computers in mind - not Smart Phones!

Mobile First Is The New Normal (Says Google)

If your website is not mobile friendly, then it will look terrible on a mobile phone or tablet, and you will lose visitors.

Google's ranking system is now 'mobile first'. This means that however your site looks on desktop computers, Google only considers your mobile site to decide whether to rank you highly or not.

This is what one of our client sites looks like on common computer and mobile devices..

responsive web design example

As you can see, the site adapts it's layout and design automatically for each device.
A responsive site even adjusts itself in real time - so if a visitor 'flips' their iPad around to landscape view, your site will adjust at once.

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Redo Your Site With Responsive Web Design

You only have 3 seconds to keep visitors to your website interested.

If they won't even stay around for those 3 seconds because your site is impossible to view, you are not even in the race. So don't delay, and talk to us today about getting your site 're-tooled' so that it looks great on mobiles, and your visitors love it and want to stick around. You can also talk to us about driving fresh new traffic to your site with SEO or Google Adwords. Because let's face it, if your website is not bringing you new customers or leads every week, why did you invest in one in the first place?

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