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Smart Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is one of the most misunderstood digital marketing services. Mostly associated with ranking number one in Google, SEO is actually one part of an effective sales funnel.

Search engine optimisation can only be effective when it is focused on bringing in the right traffic to your website as part of a specific marketing plan.

In other words, what use is 'Ranking Number 1 in Google' if the keywords you are ranking for do not bring in leads or sales?

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Our SEO Process

  • Market Research

    A full analysis of who your website target audience is and how they search and buy your products or services.

  • Keywords & Themes

    High value and reliable keywords and themes are chosen for integration into your website through editing or rewriting website pages and posts.

  • Tracking and Reporting

    Next phase is checking SEO effectiveness with close tracking of website visits and engagement. Alterations to content and keywords happen at this phase.

  • Ongoing SEO Maintenance

    Once your SEO campaign is running smoothly we continually refine and adapt your campaign so that click throughs to your site are as high as possible and all website content is optimised.

Beat Your Competitors

SEO is a Sales and Marketing Strategy - it is not a technical issue.

The only way to beat your competition and bring in the right traffic that grows your business is to get a correct SEO strategy that targets the right customers with the right keywords at the right time.

Our SEO services start at just $495.00 per month with no contracts.

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