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The Cloud Makes Small Business Easier

‘The Cloud’ is just a fancy name given to remote servers and systems that provide all the functionality of traditional software. However there are also a vast array of services that the Cloud provides which can automate your business and improve your business admin in amazing ways. A typical business that has some kind of online component like a website or ecommerce store can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars simply by using existing cloud services.

What Can The Cloud Do For Your Business?

Answer: Absolutely anything you can imagine.

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Send clients an invoice that goes through the cloud to them automatically and then reminds the client each 7 days until paid, then have the funds paid directly into your business account without you having to lift a finger;
  • If you are in trades or constructions, you can have a job order from your website go straight to your workers in the field so they can complete the ordered job saving countless admin hours;
  • Use an online suite of word processing and spreadsheet documents that you can work on on any computer or phone from anywhere, and have people collaborate on the same document in real time;
  • Have your website Contact form send thank-you notes and PDF documents to anyone requesting them, whilst at the same time sending the contact to your sales department for follow up.
  • Etc etc and more etc

Get the idea? Cloud Services don’t just replace traditional software, they provide your business with unprecedented power to automate all your operations – pre-sales, sales, delivery and follow up. And best of all, this Cloud technology is available for businesses of all sizes, not just the ASX500!

Want to Know More About Cloud Services?

We are happy to discuss your business type, your current setup and how we can help you automate and grow with a simple 30 minute consultation.

Even if you know you need something like this, but don’t know the technology or how to go about it, we can help you get there.


Find Out How The Cloud Can Boost Your Business