Deceased Estates Questionnaire

Obtaining a Grant of Probate is the process of having a Will validated by the court.
Once Probate is granted, the executor(s) named in the Will can administer the deceased estate.

Where a person dies without leaving a valid Will, Letters of Administration need to be obtained from the court which will allow the appointed ‘administrator’ to administer the deceased estate.
The law determines who will receive the estate where there is no valid Will.

Note: An Enduring Power of Attorney ends on the death of the donor.

Please complete the form below in as much detail as possible to assist us in determining the assets and liabilities of the estate and to allow us to advise you on the administration of the estate. It is not an exhaustive list of matters which must be considered but may prompt you to remember assets and liabilities that you had not otherwise thought of. If you are unable to locate any information or documents on assets or liabilities, please let us know and we may be able to locate or obtain these for you.

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