ssl websites

SSL Secure Websites Now Urgent

How important is it really to have an SSL Secure Website? The simple answer is this: if you have a website, it needs to be SSL Secured. Google Chrome, the very popular web browser, now

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seo emails scam

All SEO Emails are Scams

If you are a business owner who has a website then I guarantee that at least once, you have received an email from someone who is offering you ‘SEO’ services out of the blue. To

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business digital assets

Protect Your Digital Assets

We deal with all kinds of clients everyday here at Marmoset Digital. When working with a client at the start of a new web development project, we ask for certain asssets so that we can

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geek website designer

Question your web designer!

If you are approaching or starting a project with a web designer or developer you need to be clear about exactly what you are paying for. Imagine this scenario for a moment: You have decided

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